Today’s creative writing – 11/10/2016

Today’s creative writing: Big jump to 134,982 words. I cut-and-pasted some material in from an earlier draft, and now I’m revising it lightly. Will be doing that for a couple of days.

I only spent a few minutes on this today. I just don’t have the energy for it. It’s not the election — or not just the election — its also coming back from a business trip. Always takes me a day or two to recover.

To tell the truth, I’m starting to wonder whether to stick with this. It seems to be something I need to push myself to do every day. I don’t feel like what I’m writing is all that great. If I don’t love to do it and it isn’t great, does it make sense to continue?

No, I do not want a pep talk but insight would be welcome.

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