Review: “Guardians of the Galaxy”

I wanted to like “Guardians of the Galaxy” more than I actually did. We finally got around to seeing it a few days ago. We didn’t see it the summer it came out because I didn’t like to leave Minnie home alone until she was well more than a year old. This is one of the reasons that I will never ever ever adopt a puppy again. (I’d happily adopt another adult dog, however. One day. Not soon.) During that summer, “Guardians” was generating a huge amount of fun social media buzz among my friends and I felt left out.

For the first third of “Guardians,” I thought I’d love it. “Guardians” seemed like a movie that was PERSONALLY MADE FOR ME. Sprawling space opera with a sympathetic wisecracking anti-hero who becomes a reluctant hero AND a 70s pop soundtrack. Holy crap, I could not love something like that more.

Then in the middle of the movie it fell apart into a confusing mess of tedious action scenes and special effects. We very nearly did not watch the whole movie. We took a break about two thirds of the way in and watched something else for a while. I wasn’t planning on coming back to “Guardians,” but then we decided what the heck, might as well finish it. And once the action sequences ended, the movie got OK again.

I felt bad for Glenn Close, who seemed to hoping no one would see her. I hope she got a nice fat payday.

“Guardians” reminded me of the most recent “Trek” movie — remarkably good and humane beginning and ending, but the action/sfx sequence that occupied most of the movie, in the middle, was a mess.

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