Today’s creative writing – 11/5/2016

Today’s creative writing: 505 words, 24,272 words total, on “The Reluctant Magician.”

I did today’s writing while sitting in the waiting room of the auto shop (where I still am right now). My experience as a journalist and longtime social media addict gives me the advantage that I can write anywhere that it’s not too noisy. I don’t need a writer’s perfect distraction-free cocoon.

I still need to put together a story, and on that work I don’t claim to be any better than anybody else who’s an utter beginner but who has read a great deal of genre fiction. Still, being comfortable stringing words and sentences together gives me a head start.

Today’s writing was a fight scene, and so I had this page open for reference. Perhaps that is why the waiting room emptied out since I’ve been here.

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