Today’s creative writing, 11/2/2016

Today’s creative writing: 88 words, 22,719 total, on “The Reluctant Magician.” That’s enough. I’m tired. And I still think this section I’m in is dreadful.

I realize the problem is that the conversation the hero is having with the villain is a conversation the hero should be having with a confidant about the conversation with the villain. Tomorrow I’ll shift gears and try it that way. Maybe the whole scene will only be told in flashback as part of a conversation with the other character.

I know that violates the show don’t tell rule, but I think that rule is baloney. Or, more precisely, it’s misinterpreted.

Robert A. Heinlein and Isaac Asimov both made a nice living out of doing a lot of telling. Or, to name a more current example: Neal Stephenson. Asimov hardly ever showed at all; most of his stories and novels are just talking heads. In The Foundation Trilogy there are vast, galaxy-spanning space battles, magnificent clashes between planetary navies — which we never see. We just hear about them being discussed.

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