The blogging experiment: A big change

The short version: I’m no longer posting links here. I’ll occasionally update this blog, but I’m doing most of my posting on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr. You can follow me on Twitter, Google+, or Tumblr without joining those services; just bookmark the pages and check them regularly, as you would do with any Web page.

The long version:

I was explaining to a friend the other day how I post links to this blog first, scheduling them in advance using the Auto Post Scheduler WordPress plugin, and duplicating content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Tumblr using the Social Networks Auto Poster plugin.

Then I reviewed the conversation in my mind later that day and had an insight.

What I’ve been doing is stupid.

It’s an awful lot of busywork. SNAP is a fine plug-in, but it’s primarily designed to publicize WordPress posts, not for duplicating posts on multiple services. It can do what I want it to do, but it requires a lot of mousing and clicking to get it right. And much of the time I miss a setting, and the posts come out wrong on one or more of the services.

Also, sharing links over mobile to WordPress is about a thousand times harder than using Facebook or Twitter. With Facebook or Twitter, you just tap the share button, type a few words of comment, and go. In WordPress, you copy the link, write a post in Markdown, and then slide and swipe and tap around to get all the publish settings right. It’s a pain in the neck.

Another problem with sharing links here is that it makes awfully busy. I’d like to see fewer, better posts here.

And, finally: I don’t get many readers here. About 95% of the action is on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Mainly Facebook. I also get a little activity on Tumblr — not a lot, but I have a real-life relationship with at least one of the people who reads me there, and I like keeping that connection.

So effective immediately I’m not posting links to this blog anymore unless they’re very special. I’m going to share links directly on Twitter and Facebook, using Buffer to automate some of the process. Facebook posts will automatically get copied to Tumblr using IFTTT. I’ll share to Google+ manually.

None of this is permanent. The sharing tools are now easiest on Facebook, and that’s where most of the people are. That will inevitably change, and when it does I’ll change with it.

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