October 26, 2016

How often should you weigh yourself when trying to lose or maintain weight? I’ve always gone with weekly weigh-ins, though sometimes I weigh in more frequently when I’m at risk of indulging, or after I’ve indulged.

In other words, if I’m getting ready for a business trip where I know I’m at risk of eating a lot of crap, I’ll weigh myself that morning, and again the morning after I get home, just to see how I did.

But if I’m just working and eating at home all week like usual, I’ll weigh myself every Monday morning.

I learned years ago that daily weight will fluctuate wildly based on the amount of water you’ve consumed in the past 24 hours and other factors. Daily weigh-ins will make you crazy. Weekly weight is a better metric of true progress.

However, it seems that many people succeed with daily weigh-ins. And I won’t argue with success.

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