October 26, 2016

It’s 2016. Why can’t anyone make a decent freaking to-do app? Things are so bad that people are resorting to pen and paper, even in Silicon Valley.

David Pierce, Wired:

Most of the myriad to-do list apps are fine. Some of them are very good. But none of them has ever solved my problem—your problem—of having too much to do, too little time to do it, and a brain incapable of remembering and prioritizing it all. Which explains why the old ways remain so popular.

“A lot of tech people I know are going back to paper,” organization and time-management guru David Allen tells me. “Because a paper planner … there’s still no better tool than a paper planner.”

Still, software developers keep plugging away, turning to AI to try to solve the problem.

I use 2Do. It’s fine.

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