2 Replies to “Trump supporters turned on a man who espoused neo-Nazi views at a rally”

  1. Trump has put a legitimacy to racism, hate, mysoginym xenophobia, etc. He has amplified some statements from dog whistles to human audible frequency.

    There is a reason that he and particularly his son have attracted this attention. Hillary clearly overstated the percentage drastically with her statement about half of Trump supporters being from the basket of deplorables. But the deplorables are still there, much more than they were for Mitt Romney, John McCain or any of the Bushes.

    This one neo-nazi was rightly shouted down by the rest of the group, and as they correctly stated, its a free country and the first amendment allows any speech freely to be spoken. But if I was at an event and someone felt emboldened to speak such things, I would question why I am at a rally where people like him feel emboldened to speak

    The left has their deplorables, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and some in the black lives matter movement have morphed some of their message about implicit bias into statements of bias against police and sometimes other minorities but none of them ever won the nomination of their party,

    He started his campaign declaring that Mexican immigrants were drug dealers and rapists. And “some were good people” (not most as his running mate falsely claimed). He entered a business that was forced to settle a lawsuit because it instructed its employees not to rent to African Americans. He didn’t want blacks counting his money. He called for a ban on an entire religion entering the country.

    This is racism, straight up. Trump is a bit of an Archie Bunker. Old-timer from Queens, with bigoted attitudes expressed in a sometimes amusing manner. But Archie was fictional. Never gonna be president.

  2. Trump reminds me of some of the real estate developers I used to talk to when I was a daily newspaper reporter in New Jersey. One in particular — Gene Mulvihill, who founded Action Park.

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