A few random thoughts on rewatching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

We’re rewatching the series. Partway through the second season now. Random observations:

  • Jenny Callendar’s declaration that she’s a “cyberpagan” just does not age well. Was it as silly then as it is today?

  • I love the episode where Ethan returns and Giles is forced to confront his past as the Ripper. The final scene with Giles and Jenny Callendar is heartbreaking. Here is a man who has isolated himself from other people and is torturing himself for the sins of his adolescence. He had one chance at making romantic connection, it’s blown, and it’s own fault.

  • I’ve gotten to know a few more English people since the show first aired. Are there REALLY people like Giles in the UK, who walk around wearing tweed all the time and drinking tea from china cups?

  • And speaking of which: Tweed all the time? In Southern California? It gets HOT here.

  • For the first two seasons at least, Angel is kind of dull. Angelus hasn’t returned yet but we did get a hint of him when Angel was PRETENDING to be Angelus to trick Spike. And that was excellent.

  • Spike was terrific as I remember him. A blogger at Tor.com compared Spike’s first couple of episodes to a kind of reverse-innocence. Spike was still pure evil then and he was fantastic.

  • If you’re a middle-aged man and you mention being a fan of “Buffy” — and “Veronica Mars” — women in their 20s will think you are creepy.

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