Christian blogger faces fury over post about  white daughter’s marriage to black man

Derek Hawkins, The Washington Post:

When Gaye Clark prayed to God to send her daughter Anna a “godly, kind” husband, she got exactly what she asked for.

Glenn was a devout Christian who volunteered at church, mentoring kids in an after-school program. By day, he worked as an applications developer for Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and he was well on his way to becoming “a great dad and a good provider,” Clark said.

Glenn was a gentleman, too. Clark noticed that he’d hold doors open for Anna, even at the grocery store. Her daughter seemed happy, she said.

But there was one thing the 53-year-old mother was hung up on: Glenn was a black man with dreadlocks.

Clark, a white freelance writer and cardiac care nurse from Georgia, confessed in a blog post Tuesday on the website the Gospel Coalition, or TGC, that she initially struggled with the idea of her daughter marrying an African American man. In it, she explained how she ultimately came to embrace her daughter’s decision, and offered some advice for parents like her to consider if they, too, are hesitant about a child’s interracial marriage.

Clark was uncomfortable with the prospect of her daughter marrying a black man — with dreadlocks! — but she got over it because she realized he’s great and she loves him like the son-in-law he is. She advises other mothers in her situation to get over it too.

Clark took her article down after getting hate mail from white supremacists (which you’d expect) but also scolding from progressives because cultural appropriation I guess?

Clark deserves less judgment here and more respect.

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