My blogging experiment: The traffic

I get a few dozen visitors to daily and very few comments.

I don’t know how much traffic I’m getting on Tumblr. As far as I know, Tumblr doesn’t share those statistics, and they aren’t visible any other way. I used to get dozens of likes and reblogs every day. Now I get only a few.

My relationship with Tumblr is weird. I’m not sure I even care about Tumblr anymore. I keep posting there anyway because it’s entirely automatic – “set and forget,” as we say in the business. Maybe it’ll pick up. I do read a lot of Tumblr blogs, and I check for activity every day.

I get a lot of good conversation on Facebook, much of which is with people I actually know from real life, which is very nice. Facebook doesn’t share traffic numbers either.

I have a few hundred friends on Facebook. I only friend people on Facebook who I actually know, at least by reputation. And I only friend a few people every year now.

I also get in some good conversations on Google+, but that’s slowing down. The service had a big update 14 months ago, and only minor upgrades since. Bug fixes and trivial changes. Critics have predicted the death of Google+ for years; it may finally be happening. I’ll keep posting to Google+ for as long as people seem to be reading it, or until it stops being practical to do so, whichever comes first.

I have more than 10,000 followers on Google+, but I get the idea that only about 1% of them are actually checking in anymore.

As for Twitter: I like Twitter. But I wonder if I would stay with it if I were not expected to be on Twitter for professional reasons. I have about 6,500 followers on Twitter and it seems like that’s been relatively flat for years. And I don’t get a lot of interaction on Twitter. Almost everything I post to Twitter is a link to something else, which I think undercuts my popularity there. And that 140-character limit was fun for a couple of years, but now it’s just frustrating much of the time, although occasionally the fun returns when I figure out some kind of hack to get around it.

As for Medium: I’m new there. I’m still figuring it out. I check in every day for activity, and see something once every two weeks or so. Like Tumblr, my posts there are hands-free — set and forget.

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