Supposedly, Melania plagiarized a few words of her speech from a Michelle Obama 2008 address.

Nobody cares other than a few college professors and journalists. The thoughts in the passage aren’t original. They praise hard work and honesty and the importance of passing those values on to the next generation. Mom-and-apple-pie stuff.

So far the Republican convention has been surprisingly dull. The #NeverTrump insurrection fizzled, which is unsurprising; if the Republicans were capable of standing up to Trump they would have done so long ago.

Considering the talk of guns just prior to the convention, it’s a blessing that the convention is dull. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

2 thoughts on “This Melania Trump plagiarism scandal is just plain silly

  1. Adam

    Disagree. Further feeds narrative that shows Trump campaign to be a bunch of amateurs who cant even write a simple speech without thoroughly humiliating themselves. How are they ever going to run a country?

    Chachi was good. Can’t wait to see how Jenny Piccolo does tonight.

    1. Mitch Wagner Post author

      Ralph Malph definitely supports Trump. Potsie too, because he’s such a Potsie.


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