For all you budding Clark Kents out there, Field Notes sells a reporters notebook

Byline | Field Notes

I’ve always liked tall, slim reporters notebooks with the binding on top. You can easily hold them in one hand while writing with the other. They fit nicely in a suit jacket pocket or the back pocket of your jeans.

Now Field Notes, the favorite notebook manufacturer of mustache-waxing hipsters, is making a reporters notebook.

I’m tempted but I haven’t priced them against the variety I prefer, which is pretty much whatever kind of notebook I can get cheap on Amazon. Also, I do 99.99% of my note-taking electronically nowadays. Mostly I can find a flat surface to type on and when that’s inconvenient I thumb type on my iPhone. I’ve gotten pretty good at that.

Still, these are nice-looking notebooks, and I love the marketing copy. “When the very last print run of these was complete, we got to do something that we’ve always wanted to do. We yelled ‘Stop the Presses!” That was very satisfying.” Ha!

Moleskine (former favorite notebook for mustache-waxing hipsters) also makes reporters’ notebooks — $11 each. These must be for reporters who have inherited trust funds.

I just checked: A 12-pack of Portage 70-sheet reporters’ notebooks is about $18 bucks on Amazon. Two Field Notes Byline reporters notebooks are about $13.. That’s a lot of mustache wax.

Field Notes’ “stop the presses!” joke reminds me: In the pre-mobile-computing days, when you were filing a story from the field, you called it in and dictated it to your editor. Bigger newspapers had “rewrite men” who did nothing but take reporters’ phoned-in notes and turn them into articles. Sometimes when I was phoning in a story — standing at a payphone with a stack of quarters in front of me — I’d open a conversation with my editor by putting on a fake Brooklyn accent and saying, “Hi, honey, get me rewrite, dis is a doozy!” That never got old.

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