The next prime minister of the UK will have a no-win job: Option A is pull the trigger on Brexit, in which case you’re leading the country on a disastrous policy that even its erstwhile supporters aren’t enthusiastic about anymore, and which could lead to the UK going the way of the USSR.

Option B is defy the will of the electorate and reject Brexit.

I wonder whether Boris Johnson saw the odds and said screw it I’ll be the Prime Minister AFTER the unlucky bastard who presides over that train wreck.

Having started this mess, Cameron had an obligation to see it through, and his resignation was — as we dignified journalist types say — a dick move.

Former London mayor Boris Johnson says he will not run for British prime minister

[Griff Witte – The Washington Post]

1 thought on “A theory on why Boris Johnson dropped out 

  1. empoprises

    I hate journalistic verbiage. Next you’ll call them poopyheads.

    Other (obviously less knowledgeable) reporters have speculated that there were rifts between the “Leave” contingent, and that Boris fell victim to those rifts. It’s interesting that some of the leading candidates for the Conservative Party leadership were in the “Remain” camp during the election.

    Now we have to see what Labour does. As in the U.S., the only thing that can save an inept British policy party is the ineptness of its adversaary.


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