Does watching video on 1.5+x speed make it better?

Apparently, watching video online at 1.5-2x is popular.

I’ve occasionally wondered whether that’s technically possible without requiring sophisticated software, but never gone further with it than wondering. After reading this article, I tried it with a short Mental Floss video and liked it.

I routinely listen to podcasts and audiobooks at 1.5x or so.

The ability to watch at high speed and scrub forward and backward is changing our relationship with TV, movies, and other video. Video becomes personal, like reading, says Jeff Guo at The Washington Post

Reading went through the same transition a thousand years ago, Guo says. Until then, reading was done with one person aloud to a group of a half-dozen others. People who could read to themselves silently were rare and remarkable. Monks who’d taken vows of silence were allowed to mumble while doing calligraphy, because mumbling was considered essential to reading.

I have found a new way to watch TV, and it changes everything


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