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Democrats Will Learn All the Wrong Lessons From Brush With Bernie

Democrats are complacent about beating back the Sanders insurgency and gleefully watching the Republican Party tear itself apart. But the Sanders campaign wasn’t a freak led by a Washington maverick. It was an uprising of fed up voters, as the Trump campaign had been. The Democrats shouldn’t be complacent. They’re next.

If they had any brains, Beltway Dems and their clucky sycophants … would not be celebrating this week. They ought to be horrified to their marrow that the all-powerful Democratic Party ended up having to dig in for a furious rally to stave off a quirky Vermont socialist almost completely lacking big-dollar donors or institutional support. …

But to read the papers in the last two days is to imagine that we didn’t just spend a year witnessing the growth of a massive grassroots movement fueled by loathing of the party establishment….

The twin insurgencies of Trump and Sanders this year were equally a blistering referendum on Beltway politics. But the major-party leaders and the media mouthpieces they hang out with can’t see this, because … Washington culture is too far up its own backside to see much of anything at all.

[Matt Taibbi/Rolling Stone]

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