Bold plan would transform downtown streets

So many benefits to this plan. Wonderful!

David Garrick/The San Diego Union-Tribune:

SAN DIEGO — Cars will have to share downtown San Diego’s streets much more evenly with bicyclists and pedestrians under an ambitious new plan that aims to boost safety and fight climate change.

The long-term plan, which the City Council unanimously approved on Tuesday, would transform many vehicle lanes and some on-street parking into miles of protected cycling lanes and pedestrian promenades.

It aims to reverse an oversight by city planners decades ago, when they designed downtown’s streets with travel lanes only for cars and sidewalks only for pedestrians — leaving bicycles out of the equation.

San Diego is joining a growing list of cities trying to revamp their streets to make cycling safer and more convenient, primarily because more bicycle commuting is considered crucial to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.

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