I give this study a standing ovation

Standing desks boost productivity, not just health, study finds [Megan McDonough – The Washington Post]

I’ve been using a standing desk more than five years. My set-up – and all standing desks that I’m aware of – should really be called a standing/sitting desk, because I do spend a lot of the day sitting at it. I’m sitting right now. I use a tall stool. But I spend more than half my time standing at the desk.

It’s perfectly comfortable and I don’t plan to ever go back to a sitting desk.

Do not spend hundreds of dollars on a convertible standing desk. All you need to do is elevate your desktop by about 18″. Putting a coffee table on top of your desk works nicely. I think the piece of furniture I’m using started life as as console for a widescreen TV. And get a tall stool for when you want to sit.