Unclear on the concept of “thanking and congratulating”

Trump Orders Surrogates to Intensify Criticism of Judge and Journalists [Kevin Cirilli, Michael C. Bender, and Jennifer Jacobs – Bloomberg Politics]

A campaign staffer had instructed surrogates to desist commenting on matters pertaining to the Trump organization, but Trump said that was “stupid.”

Trump was scheduled to appear on the call to “thank his supporters and congratulate everyone as the primaries officially came to an end.” Calling them stupid is kind of the same thing, right?


A clearly irritated Trump told his supporters to attack journalists who ask questions about the lawsuit and his comments about the judge.

“The people asking the questions—those are the racists,” Trump said. “I would go at ’em.”

In other words: “I know what you are but what am I?!” Worked for Pee Wee Herman, right?

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  1. Funny thing about Thank You/Congratulations. Playbooks released in Trump University lawsuit advises Trump U salesmen not to thank attendees for paying for and attending seminars. Thanking is perceived as indicating weakness.


    In this illustrative example, the Trump U playbook explains that saying “thank you” is a sign of weakness.

    you are welcome

    While these language lessons were designed for those selling educational products, we figured they might contain helpful hints that all of us could use in our daily lives. Below, we’ve collected actual advice from the Trump University playbooks and explained how you can deploy it in casual conversation. (If you’d like to learn more, please inquire about our Winning Syntax Elite program.)

    Trump says: “Substitute the words thank you with congratulations.”
    Old you: “Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party!”
    New you: “Congratulations on making it to my birthday party!”

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