What bloggers need from Facebook – Dave Winer

Dave claims to have the oldest continuously operating blog in the world. He’s probably right. He’s been blogging and writing blogging software since 1994.

His philosophy of blogging is virtually identical to mine, particularly as regards social media.

Most bloggers view social media as a place to publicize their blogs. That seems wrong to me. It’s very 2000s thinking. In the 2000s, we wanted to drive traffic to blogs. In the 2010s, we want to send our blogs to the readers. And the readers are on social media, particularly Facebook.

Facebook needs to support embedded links in status updates (not just attached links, as it does now). It needs to support styling. It needs to support titles. Dave says it also needs to support enclosures, which I disagree with him on. I also think Dave is missing at least two items on his list: Embedded images, and embedded video. I also embed a lot of Tumblr posts and tweets when I blog – optimally, Facebook should support that too, but it’s arguably not essential to meet the bare minimum requirements for a blogging platform.

And these features should be supported by an API, so a blogger could run a blog on the public Web, and automatically mirror that blog post to Facebook, as you now can do with Tumblr and Medium.

This would be good for bloggers. It would be good for the public Internet. And it would be good for Facebook too – even from a business perspective, because these features wouldn’t just be available to me and Dave Winer. They would also be available to the New York Times, Huffington Post, Washington Post, and all the other big media sites that Facebook is eagerly building partnerships with.

Right now, because Facebook doesn’t support all these things automatically, I jump through hoops to prepare my blog posts for sharing on Facebook. It’s a bit of friction I’d be glad to do without.

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