Polls predicted Trump would take the GOP nomination. Now they predict Clinton will beat him

Trump is No Mystery. There’ve Been No Surprises. [Josh Marshall – Talking Points Memo]


From my perspective as someone who’s been following the election only moderately closely, it’s been common wisdom all along that Trump would flame out.

Even as late as a couple of weeks ago, it was common wisdom that Trump wouldn’t have enough delegates to take the nomination on first ballot. The convention would be contested, and in that case anything could happen.

Now it looks like that was wrong too.

So is Clinton the overwhelming odds-on favorite to take the general election?

Maybe. I’d be relieved if that was the case, and even more relieved if Trump leads the GOP into losing the House and Senate as well.

I admire and respect Clinton. But a victory for her is a victory for the Washington establishment. And the Washington establishment is destroying American democracy and turning us into a nation ruled by the 1%.

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