If you spend most of your time in virtual reality and you’re happy, are you living a happy life?

Philip Rosedale: The Mind Itself is a Virtual World We Live In

For me at least, that’s not the most important question. The better question: Why are you in virtual reality (or using Facebook)? If you’re using it because your real life is crap and the virtual world is the only place where you can be happy, then you have a problem.

The novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline has become the template for the present generation of VR developers, the way William Gibson’s Neuromancer and Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash were for past generations. The characters in Ready Player One spend all their time in VR because real life is a dystopia; there’s nothing for them there. Wagner James Au, who wrote the Rosedale blog post I linked to here, makes these points elsewhere.

Meanwhile, in the real world now, most people have diminishing prospects. But we have plenty of gadgets!

I say fix the real world and then deal with the philosophical problems of virtual reality another day.

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