And Now, I Unfollow Thee [Katherine Rosman – The New York Times]

I am aware of one person I admire, and with whom I’ve occasionally corresponded over email, who unfollowed me on Twitter a couple of years ago. This happened soon after I made a comment in an email conversation that could have been construed as bigoted.

I also noticed a few months ago that someone who I once considered a real-life friend had unfollowed me on Twitter, after I made a comment that could be construed as disrespectful to his profession.

In both of those cases, it could just be that they found they weren’t enjoying all the posts I make about 20th Century kitsch and technical computer networking news.

And of course the real question is why should I, as a grownup man with a wife and a dog, care about all this high school bullshit? And it’s not like I’m up nights worrying about it and sobbing into my pillow. It just occasionally pops up in my head. Why did those guys unfollow me?

Ironically, in real life social situations, when the conversation turns to social media, I often tell people yes I am very active on social media and it’s ok if they don’t follow me. And I mean it. I know my tastes are idiosyncratic and not for everyone. If you enjoy my posts, great, I’m delighted to have you in my little club of lunatics. If not, that’s fine too and we can still be friends.


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