This is what I get in lieu of food today


I’m getting ready for a routine colonoscopy tomorrow, and I’m restricted to a liquid diet. These liquids.

As a result, my brain is very small so my activity the rest of the day and tomorrow morning will consist of filling up my blog/social media queue with memes and retro photos, noodling around on social media, maybe watching a lot of TV, and napping. I’ll try to take Minnie out for a short walk or two.

This actually does not sound like a bad day. I’m reminded of something I heard on the Nerds on Draft podcast recently: As long as there’s nothing seriously wrong with you, a sick day as an adult is like a snow day when you’re a kid.

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    1. Not as much time as I thought. But still more than I usually do. Fortunately the WiFi signal isn’t bad in there.

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