Grinding it out

Journalist Shane Ferro writes about getting ground down by Business Insider’s requirements to produce 5-6 articles per day. 

This is something everyone contemplating a journalism job should read.

For what it’s worth: For a few months, I closely followed the work of one Business Insider journalist, who often competed with me on the same stories. She wasn’t doing five or six articles a day – not even close. That lends credence to earlier reports that not every writer at BI is subject to the same requirements.

Like Ferro, I’m a relatively methodical writer on the job, but am capable of being quite prolific on social media. They involve different muscles. And I’m getting faster at writing on the job.

As Ferro notes: If you’re someone who’s capable of writing 5-6 articles a day, and enjoys it, and many people are and do, then Business Insider or a place like it is good for you.

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