Oh, Gilligan, not again!

The Professor could make a radio out of coconuts but he couldn’t fix the hole in the boat.

The Tank Riot podcast visits “Gilligan’s Island.”

Gilligan’s Island! The team takes a trip to a tropic isle of nostalgia to discuss Sherwood Schwartz’s great show, Gilligan’s Island. Whatever happened to Bob Denver, Dawn Wells, Russell Johnson, Alan Hale, Jim Backus, Tina Louise, Natalie Schafer and Charles Maxwell, anyway? Who’s Charles Maxwell? Well, sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… Also, Hot Tub Time Machine, a trip to the Mailbag, a contest winner and more!

Learn about what happened to S.S. Minnow passengers Bunny and the high school teacher. Plus hear the tank crew’s take on Ginger vs. Mary Ann!

The Gilligan’s Island Wikipedia page classifies episodes into five types: Life on the island, including building tools and structures using found materials; visitors to the island; dream sequences; news from the outside world that causes discord among the castaways; and the appearance of strange artifacts such as a World War II mine or a Mars rover. Sometimes I love Wikipedia.

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