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“I wonder if it has occurred to anyone that the US might be going through now what the Soviet Union was going through at the end of the 80s.” [Dave Winer – Scripting News]

Dave recaps an editorial by Rachel Maddow: We’ve been at war in Afghanistan for 16 years. Every year is the same. Because the US has no functional government that can change course.

The USSR in the late 1980s looked like a functioning superpower. But it wasn’t. It was a rotten tree that could be felled with one swift kick. Ronald Reagan saw that and delivered the blow.

That metaphor about the tree and Reagan was something I saw years ago. I don’t agree about Reagan. But the metaphor of the tree that can be felled with one kick stuck with me.

Who will deliver the kick to the US? If things go they way they have been, I suspect it will be internal. And I suspect it will come in the form of de facto secession. States like California, New York, or Texas, with large population and economic clout, will simply start saying no to Washington, while continuing to fly the stars and stripes and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in the classroom. Indeed, we may have already seen that starting with marijuana legalization.

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