Bricked shithouse

Automatic cat litter box has DRM protection to prevent you from refilling cleaning solution cartridge. [Jorge Lopez – Medium]

The CatGenie scoops, cleans, and disposes of waste automatically, but requires CatGenie Washable Granules instead of regular litter, and a SaniSolution SmartCartridge to wash the granules. In this 2014 article, Jorge Lopez describes how he one day discovered that he needed a fluid refill but had neglected to order new fluid. So he figured he’d refill with water to make do. That’s when he discovered that the cartridge has built-in DRM to prevent consumers from refilling it on their own, and the litterbox won’t run without solution in the cartridge – in other words, it’s a “bricked shithouse”.

Fortunately for Jorge, there’s a community of CatGenie hackers on the Internet (of course there is!) that have released custom firmware that lets you use whatever solution you want.

Yes, custom firmware for your smart catlitter box.

And the CatGenie user community reports that the machine runs better anyway without the solution. Which costs $350/year.

We’re all living in a Charles Stross novel now.

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