Meet the men of PR: ‘It is a different world for us’ [Yuyu Chen – Digiday]

It can get lonely for a guy in PR.

One senior exec with more than 15 years experience has often found himself to be the only man in the room. He recalls one meeting in particular when, while waiting for things to get started, a female colleague gushed about Tory Burch. Others joined in. “I had no idea what in the world they were talking about,” he said. “She responded, ‘You don’t know what Tory Burch is?’ And the rest of the women were like, ‘Really?’”

Sure, the smallest violin in the world plays the saddest song for this fellow. And yet, at some of the companies he’s worked for, he was often excluded from happy hour because the rest of his colleagues wanted a girls night out. He’s been left out of office perks, like manicures, when there was no macho equivalent.

I’m curious what my friends in PR think of this.

I have no idea who Tony Burch is. I don’t remember ever hearing the name before.

10 thoughts on “Different world

  1. David Parish-Whittaker

    It’s funny. My profession (flying) is still very male dominated, at least forward of the cockpit door. We don’t smoke cigars in the cockpit anymore, but yeah, it’s still a boys club atmosphere. Flip side is my main hobby of horses: I’m very often the only man other than stablehands at the barn. There’s no real discrimination, just the casual assumption that I’m there to pick up a daughter from a lesson or that I can’t be any good (a docile horse is referred to as a “husband horse”). It does seem to translate to boys not being encouraged to ride like girls are, which is a shame. Not up there with the discrimination and dangers women routinely deal with, but I’ve found it helped me understand what women pilots must feel like.

    1. Mitch Wagner

      Not really related: I’ve often wondered how people’s relationship with horses has changed since the emergence of cars. Characters in books written 100+ years ago ttreat horses like machines, but post-automobile enthusiasts like you are very aware they’re animals.

    2. David Parish-Whittaker

      It varied. A good steed was prized and loved. Think about how Robert E. Lee spoke of Traveller, for example. But yes, they were “fur machines” to many. Black Beauty was written in protest of that attitude and the abuses horses far too often endured as a result.

  2. Mary Osmanski

    I’m sure there are plenty of women who have never heard of Tory Burch (like me), or if they have (or have checked the name out on the internet as I just did) , they don’t buy that brand because many items are priced way too high for their budgets.

  3. Micha Colton Hines

    Unfortunately, in “modern” America a lot of men have been relegated to “sperm donor only” status ? 🙂

  4. Ken Estes

    I’m told that there was once a Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve Beer Commercial where a cowboy walks into a Western saloon and someone tells them that he’s from the future, and one of the facts he tales them is that “in the future, only little girls will ride horses.”

    1. Ken Estes

      This isn’t the commercial. But this was the tone of those old Henry’s Weinhardt’s commercials. There’s more of them in the sidebar.


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