Mossberg: Slack users complain about fear of missing out, messaging overload

I’m an email evangelist. Dismissing it as old people’s technology, as many people do, undervalues what email is good at. You can either check it right away or let it wait, whatever is more convenient. It’s vendor-neutral – you’re not locked in to a single provider. It’s archivable and searchable. Emails can be any length, as short as text messages or as long as a Game of Thrones novel. They can include multimedia. And they’re portable to any device, from mainframe to iPhone.

I’m not allergic to other channels. I use iMessage and Lync daily, and Messenger and other messaging services sometimes. And I’m intrigued by Slack.

But don’t count email out.

And moreover, whatever we use to replace email will take on email’s problems – too much noise, and too much need to keep on top of it. As Walter Mossberg’s column, above, demonstrates.

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