‘Bathroom law’ puts North Carolina governor in crossfire of GOP civil war [James Hohmann – The Washington Post]

The bathroom law isn’t just unfair to trans people. It’s ridiculous, and its supporters are insane. Trans people aren’t preying on children or anybody else in women’s bathrooms. It doesn’t happen. It’s an imaginary threat.

And that’s why I’m a Democrat. The Democrats are wrong but the Republicans are fucking nuts.

9 thoughts on “North Carolina ‘bathroom law’ addresses imaginary threat

  1. Tad Donaghe

    “The Democrats are wrong but the Republicans are fucking nuts.” – My new favorite slogan!

    1. Brian Santo

      The folks here in this particular corner of Facebook tend to believe any politician requires scrutiny, less because of who they are than the nature of politics. I’m vouching for this small set of people.

  2. William Terdoslavich

    Open question for any women reading this post: would you be comfortable with a trans-gendered woman in transition (still possessing a penis) using the women’s locker room at the gym?

    I’m not asking this to take a cheap shot at the issue. We have a serious challenge here crafting a practical accommodation to meet a practical need. I live in NYC and we have a visible trans-gendered population that is a normal part of our diverse population, and we need to accomplish inclusion without imposition.

    1. Lindsay Donaghe

      If locker rooms have stalls where people can dress and undress without having to expose themselves to everyone else in the room, then I don’t have a problem with it. Frankly, the idea of having to be naked with strangers, of my gender or not, is a stressful concept. If you have a stall, then how do you even know if someone is transgender or not? It doesn’t matter. We all put on our pants one leg at a time.

  3. Pete Pettingill

    The whole thing is a shit show. Why can’t people just live and let live. Most of these whack jobs actually believe transgender is synonymous with sexual deviant. That’s where they are coming from. What cracks me up is that wasn’t it some western Republican Senator a few years ago who was soliciting gay sex in an airport men’s room or something like that? Good grief. Transgender people have probably been using the women’s room for decades and no one ever knew it. I bet there is one peeing in there right now undetected! What happened to minding your own business? Got a problem with sexual predators? Good, focus on them. Transgender does not mean sexual predator. Could a transgender person be a sexual predator? Of course. Just like a heterosexual could be. And while I am at it how about a plug for the asexuals! This place is just embarrassing.

  4. Michael A. Armstrong

    Dudes, if you’re worried about sexual privacy, then why do you wag your willy at a urinal? The man next to you could be transgender — or he could be gay.


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