MealSquares: A New Era of Healthy Fast Food

Jolene Creighton, writing at Futurism:

MealSquares, simply put, is an all-in-one meal for someone on the go. And unlike some other meal replacement options, it isn’t loaded with tons of added sugar. As the company’s website asserts, it has “more protein per calorie than a Big Mac, less sugar than a banana.”

MealSquares is a full meal in flat cake about the size of a deck of cards. Unlike Soylent, which is a food substitute, MealSquares is food. Soylent is made from chemicals; MealSquares is made from eggs, orange juice, seeds, chocolate and stuff. The developers say if you eat five MealSquares a day, you’ll get all the nutrition you need, according to science – but the developers recommend against it, noting that science doesn’t really know for sure. Have MealSquares sometimes, real food other times, they say.

I’ve been using MealSquares occasionally since the summer, and I like them a lot. I like to bring a couple with me when I travel, for those occasions when I’m stuck somewhere where the only food options are junk food.

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