Green rope toy

Yesterday morning Minnie made it out of the house with the green rope toy in her mouth. It is one of the toys that we would prefer she leave indoors, to keep it from getting nasty. I did not have time to play keep-away with her. And my back is still stiff from straining it carrying her cage out after she soiled it overnight 10 days ago.

But it was a nice day, and I thought the rope toy would not get too nasty if it was outside for only a few hours. So I let her hang onto it, and made a note in my reminders app to bring it inside later in the day when she tired of it.

All of this probably sounds crazy to people who don’t have dogs.

I really do need to teach her “leave it.”

4 thoughts on “Green rope toy

  1. Dawn Archambault-Perry

    We managed ‘drop it’ with Dani, which is immediately followed by ‘leave it’ which is immediately re-followed by ‘drop it’. Vicious cycle. 🙂

  2. Carol Wilson

    Bad doggie daddy! You have to stay firm! Puck has some big chewies that he loves to carry around. I never let him take them outside. Brian did once and now we have to fight about it every time. It’s like the one time you let your kids stay up past bedtime to watch a TV show – you argue over bedtime for years to come.


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