How Cruz plans to force a contested nomination.

Ted Cruz knows he can’t win the primary, but he’s got a good shot at the nomination if the Republican National Convention can’t decide on Trump on the first ballot. And he’s got a good shot at making that happen.

As a Democrat, I like Cruz as the GOP candidate. He has all of Trump’s problems without Trump’s charisma and appeal to working people.

I see a good chance that Trump and Cruz might unite. The name-calling and dirty politics would be forgotten. These men are pros, they know it just goes with the game.

On the other hand, I don’t see either Trump or Cruz settling for the vice presidency.

6 thoughts on “Cruz’s plan to win from behind

  1. Brian Santo

    If Trump is the candidate and gets trounced, the GOP will double down on extremism, and hork up Cruz next time, or if not Cruz, then someone else from its very deep bench of equally repugnant wingnuts. If Cruz is the nominee and gets trounced, the GOP might maybe just possibly learn that running the most conservative person they can find is a losing strategy. But then again, what Nic said.

  2. William Terdoslavich

    For many years now, the conservatives in the GOP have complained mightily about “moderates” getting nominated, only to lose in November. Name a true conservative who can offer a clear choice and we will win, they argue.

    Well Cruz is a true conservative. Nominate him. Run him. And when–not if–he loses in November, consider it proof that there is no conservative majority in the US.

    The GOP must wander in the wilderness a bit longer until it jettisons its delusional fools and seek out the votes of “orphan blocs”, like liberal and moderate Republicans, pro-business types, working class and pro-choice Democrats. Right now they don’t have a home in either party.

  3. Mark Pitcavage

    I don’t “like” either as the candidate, because I am more concerned about what if one of them one than I am concerned about which of them would be the weaker one against the Democratic nominee. Either one would be unspeakable disasters for the country, which is why this is the scariest presidential election in a long, long, long time.


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