William Shatner and Sherry Jackson celebrate the end of shooting of the “Star Trek” episode, “What are Little Girls Made Of?” Note Shatner’s feet.

Star Trek really got away with a lot. In the first few episodes of the first season, you’ve got Harry Mudd as a space-pimp with drug-using girls, the evil Captain Kirk trying to rape Yeoman Rand, and this episode, where a scientist discovers a planet filled with machines for making perfect, humanoid robots, and he says, “I’ll make a sexbot!”

From the book “These Are The Voyages, TOS, Season One,” by Marc Cushman and Susan Osborn.

6 thoughts on “Captain Kirk wears loafers

    1. Mitch Wagner

      Mine too. I enjoyed the philosophical perspective on identity and humanity.


    1. Meadhbh Siohban Hamrick

      just realized i bought it based on a previous mention you made of it. YOU’RE A TRENDSETTER!


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