RIP beards

Style mavens say beards are soooooo over.

I never could grow a decent beard. I try every 10 years or so and then give up after about 10 days.

The recent mountain-man bristly beard thing was ridiculous unless you are, actually, a mountain man. If none of your recent meals have included meat from a bear your killed yourself, trim or shave your damn beard.

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  1. I’m with ya. I can’t do a beard because of work but even my mustache attempts look patchy at best, molesteresque at worst. Besides, it tickles your nose

  2. Some men look good with a beard. But NO ONE has ever looked good with that unkempt hipster facial fungus that has been popular. Ick!

  3. I grew a beard right after I retired from the military. I liked it, I kept it kind of short. My wife hated it. We went to Antietam to visit the battlefield and when I looked at the pictures we took, I looked I belonged there as a Civil War relic; the beard came right off and has not come back since.

  4. I noticed people walking around NY dressed like lumberjacks, which is about as realistic as a fat guy walking around in a jogging suit… Both are pretending to be something they’re not 🙂

  5. My husband has had a goatee since before I met him (over 21 years ago). I probably wouldn’t recognize him if he shaved it off.

  6. I’ve grown them and shaved them off a number of times. In 2013 I had an accident and was out of work for a while and let it grow. My grandson moved in and I felt like a grandpa and kept it. My wife always hated my beards so I grew this one and never said a word. About 18 months in somehow it came up and she said “I like it this time.” What I really dislike are the guys who just don’t shave for a week and just look like crap. Either grow it and trim it or shave. I have never let it get really big but might try that some time.

  7. It took me a while, 11 years to be exact, to come to grips with the fact I was no lager in the Army and did not have to shave every day. I was in Indianapolis for a seminar and was shaving and nicked myself. I bled like a stuck pig and all I could think about was I only had one white shirt. That was the last time I shaved. Yea, it is taking a while, but my goal is somewhere between ZZ Top and Duck Dynasty.😜

  8. I grew a decent Van Dyke beard after I retired from the Army. Still have it but since it ts all white I’m not going to keep it.

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