Tablet and iPad Market Is 100 Million Units Smaller Than Expected [Arik Hesseldahl – Recode]

What happened? Smartphones for one, in particular really big smartphones. Also, people buy new tablets at a slower pace than they do phones.

One category of tablets that’s likely to be successful: tablets with detachable keyboards, like the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface.

As for me, I find myself using the iPad mini less and less, and growing more and more frustrated with its limitations as I do. And I’m still getting used to how portable my MacBook Air is. Light as a feather, with hours and hours of battery life. I use it plugged in to a 27″ display, keyboard, and trackball when I’m at my desk. When I want to take it somewhere, there are only three connections, easy to detach and reattach.

I see myself moving to a bigger phone in the next generation of iPhones later this year, and using the iPad mini even less. Unless, that is, Apple comes out with an iPad the size of the Kindle Paperwhite. I think that might be the ideal size for me.

7 thoughts on “The disappointing tablet market

  1. Andrea Rosenthal

    I use my iPad 2 all the time – mostly while I’m watching TV in the evening. But I no longer have a laptop – and I sometimes have occasions where I could use one.

  2. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

    I think tablets are fine as e-book readers or for watching videos on the go. But, as for everything else? Give me a smarpthone or a laptop.

    1. Lorna Garey

      Yup. Work issues me a Surface, which I tried for about 8 months before trading it in on a Dell laptop. Yeah, it’s heavier and battery can be an issue, but haven’t looked back.

  3. Brian Santo

    I’m guessing that tablet sales estimates were based on smartphone sales figures, and consequently over-optimistic. Secondly, while people tend to replace their smartphones once every 2 or 3 years, you rarely need to upgrade an tablet.


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