Porn is a public health crisis

The scientific evidence is decisive – porn causes a broad swathe of harm across multiple segments of society.

There’s a significant positive association between porn use and attitudes supporting violence to women.

Gail Dines, professor of sociology at Wheelock College in Boston and author of “Pornland: How Porn has Hijacked our Sexuality,” at the Washington Post:

Because so much porn is free and unfiltered on most digital devices, theaverage age of first viewing porn is estimated by some researchers to be 11. In the absence of a comprehensive sex-education curriculum in many schools, pornography has become de facto sex education for youth. And what are these children looking at? If you have in your mind’s eye a Playboy centerfold with a naked woman smiling in a cornfield, then think again. While “classy” lad mags like Playboy are dispensing with the soft-core nudesof yesteryear, free and widely available pornography is often violent, degrading and extreme.

In a content analysis of best-selling and most-rented porn films, researchers found that 88 percent of analyzed scenes contained physical aggression: generally spanking, gagging, choking or slapping. Verbal aggression occurred in 49 percent of the scenes, most often in the form of calling a woman “bitch” and “slut.” Men perpetrated 70 percent of the aggressive acts, while women were the targets 94 percent of the time. It is difficult to account for all of the “gonzo” and amateur porn available online, but there is reason to believe that the rented and purchased porn in the analysis largely reflects the content of free porn sites. As researcher Shira Tarrant points out, “The tube sites are aggregators of a bunch of different links and clips, and they are very often pirated or stolen.” So porn that was produced for sale is proffered for free.

3 thoughts on “Science shows porn’s harm

  1. David Dvorkin

    The article has a lot of excellent debunking comments.

    My favorite is “Watching Macbeth leads to regicide. I’ve studied it.”

  2. Meadhbh Siohban Hamrick

    correlation is not causation. but there’s probably enough evidence to warrant further investigation.

  3. Kevin Andrew Murphy

    And the leading cause of pre-teen possession is not OUIJA boards as once thought but underage viewing of The Exorcist. Paranormal Romance also leads to vampirism and witchcraft.


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