7 thoughts on “American high school girls, 1970s

  1. Tad Donaghe

    I was in Jr High and Highschool back in the 80s and I remember reading the high school dress code, and being amazed at the concept of girls wearing anything with a midriff showing. I had never seen anything like that and it sounded AMAZING.

    Years later, I saw photos of young women at high schools in the early 70s and I suddenly realized why. Dang. I missed out!

  2. Ken Estes

    They’re conservative. Not Brady Bunch conservative, but…

    I remember suede pants and skirts. Denim dresses and shorts. Everything was covered with patches or little studs you could by at record shops that also sold black light posters and incense. And clothing stores sold big hoop earrings, body paint, water transfer tattoos, and hand made leather belts, and purses along with wristbands and head bands, Groovy.

  3. Pete Pettingill

    Ninth grade, 1972, I show up in public high school from nine years of Catholic school and uniforms. I was glad to stay.


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