I try flip-flops again, to see if I like them any better this time

Every once in a while I like to try things I used to hate that other people love, just to see if I still hate those things.

This weekend: Flip-flops.

I’ve always thought flip-flops look delightfully comfortable on other people, but they’ve been uncomfortable for me. I like going sockless in warm weather, but because of my extremely flat feet, it’s hard for me to find sandals that are comfortable.

My extremely flat feet give me a splayed walk and stance. It’s the opposite of pigeon-toed; my feet point outward when I stand or walk. Whenever I tried flip-flops when I was younger, my heel would walk out of the shoe, which was missing the point of wearing shoes in the first place.

However, it occurred to me recently that the last time I tried flip-flops was well before I lost weight. After losing weight, my shoe size got narrower, as my feet had less weight to support. Perhaps I’d be able to wear flip-flops now?

I was at the drugstore yesterday running an errand and gambled on an $11 pair of flip-flops, knowing I might be throwing the money away. I might try them on, take two steps, think, “oh, these still don’t work,” and throw them in the giveaway pile within minutes of their coming in the house.

I tried them on when I got home, but I still wasn’t sure. My heel stayed in the right place, but the flip-flops felt funny to walk in, particularly having that stem between my toes. I put the flip-flops aside, resolving to give them a good trial on the first day that was warm enough to wear them, which I thought would be as much as a month to six weeks off.

I slept in this morning and by the time I rolled out of bed it was 79 degrees. Shorts and flip-flops weather! I slipped on the flip-flops this morning, and got used to them quickly.

So now I’m a flip-flop guy.

7 thoughts on “I try flip-flops again, to see if I like them any better this time

  1. Susan J Kroupa

    Yay! And there are several brands of flip flops that have good arch support, if you want that: Olukai, Vionic, Chaco, etc. They don’t sell for $11, alas, but can be good if you need the support (as I do.)

    1. Mitch Wagner

      My flat feet are such that arch support makes the situation worse. My wet footprints are big ovals with five little ovals in front of each.


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