‘I’m Trump All The Way,’ Says Man Who Will Die From Mishandling Fireworks Months…

“I like what Trump has to say—he isn’t afraid to take on anyone,” said the man who, long before November, will be pronounced dead on arrival at a nearby hospital after duct-taping several M-80s together in his backyard, lighting the self-rigged explosive device, and then, after accidentally knocking the mortar tube on its side while attempting to run away from the blast, will suffer severe trauma as his “Stone Cold” Steve Austin shirt and cargo shorts are set ablaze while his horrified family looks on.


Shut Up and Sit Down

The cult of leadership

[John Adams] suggested, in a letter to a friend, that there was something both undemocratic and unwise in the lionization of leadership. The country won’t improve, Adams wrote, until the people begin to “consider themselves as the fountain of power.” He went on, “They must be taught to reverence themselves, instead of adoring their servants, their generals, admirals, bishops, and statesmen.” It can be dangerous to decide that you need to be led.

– Joshua Rothman, The New Yorker


Outsider leaders (Trump, Sanders, Obama, even George W. Bush), tend to be great or failures, while leaders who are vetted by a selection process cluster around average performance. So when contemplating tapping an outsider boss, first decide whether the situation is desperate enough to make gambling a good idea.


Robert Landsburg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Robert Landsburg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPhotographer Robert Landsburg literally died for science.

When Landsburg was photographing the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980, he realized he wouldn’t survive the disaster. He rewound the film, put his camera in his backpack, and laid down on top of the backpack to protect its contents.

Seventeen days later, Landsburg’s body was found buried in the ash with his backpack underneath. The film was developed and has provided geologists with valuable documentation of the historic eruption.


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