Why Al Franken would be Hillary Clinton’s ideal pick for vice president

He was a D-list celebrity and comedian, but he’s an A-list progressive Senator.

And a background in improv comedy is a powerful plus for a candidate opposing Donald Trump.

[The Case for Vice President Al Franken / Bill Scher / Politico]

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  1. Also an author. His books are where I first heard that Bush had been warned about bin Laden.

    1. I remember bumping into Franken at a Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica, California. He was harrumphing the placement of his book on the shelf, something which elicited great concern from those of us whose books were never featured in any fashion at the front of the story, as his was.

  2. If Bernie doesn’t win the nomination he’ll have enough delegates and momentum to negotiate a VP slot. Neither candidate can be ignored the way things are going. It will be a unity ticket.

    1. I don’t see Sanders, Warren — or Clinton for that matter — settling for VP.

    2. I don’t think it will be easy but a ticket split so closely between two candidates usually is brokered. The VP slot would make a good bully pulpit. Can either afford to alienate such a huge number of voters and expect to win?

  3. Two short people. Hmm. I don’t know if that’s wise.

    He’d certainly be far preferable to Sanders.

  4. Bernie will neither get the nomination nor be the Veep candidate.
    I’ll put money on it, small unmarked bills, USD only please.

    Franken adds no strength to the ticket.

    The suggestion that I’ve heard which makes most since is Julian Castro, Secretary for HUD. I’ve walked around the suggestion a few times and see a lot to like and no immediately visible flaws.

    1. People have been talking about Castro as v.p. for a long time. The only drawback I can see is his youth and inexperience. He’s a cabinet member, but before that, his highest office was mayor of San Antonio.

    2. Points, but I look at the youth as more of a plus and being Hispanic a bigger plus. The Democrats have got to develop a younger farm team.

    3. Oh, his being Hispanic is a humongerrific plus.

      I think the GOP would attack him because of his youth, although they’d have to tread very carefully. And how effective their attacks would be will depend on who mthey choose for v.p.

      I have no idea how Castro would do in the v.p. debate.

    4. A while ago, I posted on FB that I looked forward to Julian Castro becoming president and opening the door to Cuba. I liked the idea of a summit meeting between President Castro and President Castro, conducted in Spanish. I also liked the idea of all the heads that would cause to explode.

      But Obama just destroyed that dream. Thanks, Obama!

    5. I agree with the drift of this discussion. If Hilary is the Democratic candidate (as it appears that she will be), I think she’ll need to shore up support in the southwest and especially California, and a Hispanic would be a great choice to also strengthen support from that group as well. Not a woman – that’s asking too much at this point – but a tall, dark, and handsome man could be a great strategic match. I don’t have a name to offer, but there must be some good candidates already in elected office who would work.

      I love Franken, but he’s too much like Hilary: white Harvard intelligencia. Let’s get him in the Cabinet in a few years and then run him in 2024, either in the top spot or Veep.

    6. Hillary will have no problem with California and New Mexico. He would ice Colorado and Florida. Game, set, match.

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