70s one-season wonders: TV sitcom themes


  • “CPO Sharkey,” with Don Rickles as a naval chief petty officer
  • “Quark,” a space opera sitcom starring Richard Benjamin
  • “Associates,” a James “Taxi” “Cheers” Brooks sitcom featuring a very young Martin Short
  • “The Paul Lynde Show,” with the zany premise that Paul Lynde was heterosexual.
  • The Bob Crane Show, with the zany premise that Crane was not a degenerate perv
  • “Lotsa Luck,” starring Dom DeLuise (I remember the theme for this – still an earworm for me, all these years later)
  • and “When Things Were Rotten,” a Mel Brooks Robin Hood parody starring Dick Gauthier and a cast of Brooks regulars. That theme is another earworm for me. They robbed the rich, gave to the poor, except what they kept for expenses. Yay for Robin Hood.

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