WordPress honcho Matt Mullenweg wants to democratize publishing

Open source WordPress now powers 25% of all Websites, as of this Aug. 2015 interview. Matt Mullenweg, CEO of WordPress parent Automattic, wants to take that number to 100. Mullenweg says:

You or I can download and publish using the exact same software that The New Yorker uses for newyorker.com. And I think that is relatively unique in the history of the world. We don’t have access to the same printing press as The New York Times, but in the digital world we can have the same software as The New Yorker.


Certainly, our near-term goal for WordPress is to try to get to a majority because I feel when a majority of the web is driven by open-source software, that will drive the web to be a better place. It’ll be more open, more inclusive, with fewer closed gardens and silos, and it will drive as well the proprietary folks to be more open.

Part of my reason for shifting my blogging from social media to here is because I share that vision. But the main part is that I felt constrained by social media’s limitations. I’m still as active on social media as I was before. But I use it differently.

Automattic uses blogging rather than email for internal communications. They use a theme called P2, which I tried for public blogging for a while, but decided it was unsuitable for that purpose.

[This CEO Runs a Billion-Dollar Company With No Offices or Email / Glenn Leibowitz / Inc. ]

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