Monthly Archives: February 2016

Bloomberg Business

Twitter is rumored to be in a deal to go private with investor Marc Andreessen and private equity firm Silver Lake. 

That would be very smart. 

Twitter’s growth numbers are famously moribund, but its revenue is fantastic. 

It’s never going to be a Facebook killer. But it’s a robust social platform with 300 million users. 

Going private would give it time and space to find its way.

The big myth Facebook needs everyone to believe

Facebook ticked off Spaniards by listing bullfighting as inappropriate content. Similarly, Facebook has flagged drag queens for registering with their stage names, and American Indians for registering people with their actual tribal names.

For Facebook and other platforms like it, incidents such as the bullfighting kerfuffle betray a larger, existential difficulty: How can you possibly impose a single moral framework on a vast and varying patchwork of global communities?

The Case for Considering Reparations

Ta-Nehesi Coates: “A country that could actively contemplate atoning for plunder, by devoting significant resources to compensating its victims, would be a very different nation than one we live in now.”

Coates argues in favor of reparations. But his main argument is that just arguing, on a national level, about reparations would be healthy for the commonwealth. If we argued about reparations with as much attention as we give to, say, immigration, we’d be a better country for it.