A few tips for using Runkeeper on your runs – The Sweet Setup

RunKeeper is a good app, I guess, but it suffers badly from feature bloat.

I’ve been using RunKeeper for years to track my walks. I have it configured to tell me when I’ve walked a mile and a half. Then I turn around and go back.

That’s all I’m interested in. But RunKeeper just piles on the features: Social connectivity, maps, interval training.

The latest ridiculous feature is one where it tells you when your shoes are wearing out. Because apparently you can’t be trusted to know when your shoes are wearing out. It’s not like you wear your shoes on your feet and walk around in them every day.

I just want to go for a walk.

I don’t need an app at all. I always walk the same path – to the park, into the park, and back, with stops for Minnie to perform her functions. But I’ve always used RunKeeper, so I continue doing so. Still, I’d like something simpler that does the things I want RunKeeper to do, and nothing else: Tell me when I’ve walked a certain distance, how fast I’ve walked, and how long it took me to do it. 


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