Hollywood is stuck in a bubble of expanded movie universes. It’s time for it to…

This is one of the reasons we hardly go to movies anymore. I feel like I have to see eight other movies before I go see the movie I’m thinking of seeing. Same for science fiction TV shows.

This kind of thing was commonplace in the science fiction I read when I was a teenager. Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, and Larry Niven wrote “future histories.” But in that case each novel and story was designed to stand alone, and you could read them in any order. I don’t get a sense that’s the case with today’s superhero movies and TV. 

Also, when in the case of the future histories, the events spanned centuries – even thousands of years sometimes. You’d read a story and then you’d read a different story set hundreds of years in the future and the people in the second story referenced the first story as something they read about in history books. That was cool.


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