I’ve had the same politics since I was 11 years old

I said that in a discussion elsewhere with a friend who went from fire-breathing conservative in the late 90s and early 2000s to equally volcanic liberal today.

He asked me if I ever had any doubts. My response:

I constantly reconsider individual issues. I’ve softened my stance on guns and am increasingly becoming exasperated with the left’s obsession with identity politics.

I’ve refined my views in other ways. I realize now that the US requires a thriving market, as well as robust federal, state, and local government, and I’m increasingly becoming exasperated with the left’s mistrust of business. I’m becoming MORE certain that the right’s hatred of government is deranged.

I’m more inclined to listen to people who disagree with me.

I’ve changed in those ways.

But I’m still a liberal. I supported the Democrat in every presidential election since 1972, and in no case do I now believe I made the wrong choice. In the 70s I supported gender equality, gay rights, treating people as equals regardless of race and ethnicity, and the principle that society has an obligation to help the poor, disabled, and otherwise disadvantaged. I still support those things.

By the way: I see mistrust of business as a tool the creative class uses to sabotage itself. If you think asking for money is wrong, you won’t get any.

1 thought on “I’ve had the same politics since I was 11 years old

  1. janetberridge

    As we mature we all tend to blur the lines..also US culture is change, accepting more and potentially more relaxed with previous generational issues. Candidates will become closer on issues and then maybe we can elect the right person for the job, not just the best speaker with highest campaign funds.


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