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Reddit Bans One of Most Popular Users for Vote Manipulation

Unidan, aka biologist Ben Eisenkop, maintained five side accounts, which he used to upvote his own submissions and comments and downvote the opposition.

Unidan was almost universally loved on the site. Having participated in at least three AMAs, featured in multiple media profiles (including Mashable), occasionally appearing with Reddit co-founder Alex Ohanian, giving his own TEDx talk and even having his own fan subreddit, it’s safe to say that Unidan was, to Reddit, a stalwart and beloved community member.

Following his ban, many users have expressed disappointment and anger at Eisenkop’s clear violation of Reddit’s rules.

“This is like finding out Lance Armstrong took steroids,”user TheStarryMessenger wrote in a thread.

Reddit Bans One of Most Popular Users for Vote Manipulation

Times Of Israel Removes ‘When Genocide Is Permissible’ Post

“Never, and shame on you for asking.” That’s the answer to that question.

Yesterday I wrote a post criticizing Israel’s most vociferous critics. I endorsed a comment by Yisrael Hasson, a member of Israel’s Knesset. He said: “NATO bombed 5,000 civilians in Kosovo just because it was insulted; 27,000 Iraqi civilians were bombed during the American invasion because they posed a danger to the US; there is not a country in the world that can talk to us about morality.”

In other words: Israel is no worse than other countries.

And that’s the problem, because Israel is also no better than other countries. And, like the US, it’s supposed to be better. Israel and the US are supposed to be shining examples to the world. We were once. Now, well, at least we’re not as bad as our enemies. I suppose that’s something.