If Not Muni Networks, Then What?

The case against allowing states to ban municipal broadband.

[F]or under-served communities, watching gigabit speeds reach places such as Austin, Tex. — an area already flowing over with tech business — is a little like watching the circus train pass through town but never stop.

Terrific blog by my colleague Carol Wilson.

If Not Muni Networks, Then What?.

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  1. Flavio Carrillo: +Mitch Wagner Going to try to condense this. Prior to the new deal, the Federal Government’s authority to regulate economic activity under the commerce clause was understood to be limited to only such activities that physically occurred between state lines.Wickard v. Filburn in 1942 flipped that over and said that intrastate activity could also be regulated because it affects the market as a whole. Large parts of the New Deal required this reading of that clause to function at all.That’s mostly held up since then. But the right has never liked it and wants to go back to the “horse and buggy” constitution, to steal a phrase from FDR.Blackburn is absolutely acting as expected here, btw, she’s the real deal. Gutting the FCC is par for the course.The ACA is getting hit on these lines as well among other things. via plus.google.com

  2. Mitch Wagner: +Flavio Carrillo Ah, yes. I’m familiar with the principle — it is, as you say, at the core of ACA. So you see Blackburn as sincere here? I’ve been assuming she’s simply a bought-and-paid-for puppet for the telco industry. My problem with the national conservative agenda isn’t with the principle of state’s rights. I think there’s a lot of value in keeping government close to the people. My problem that the movement conservatives only seem to remember they favor state’s rights when the federal government is stepping in to try to help the less powerful get out from under the more powerful. via plus.google.com

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